Je suis fini.

May 3, 2015

Aaron and I slept in even though we went to sleep around 8 p.m. We walked to breakfast, a charming French cafe with an equally charming Portuguese server with a slight tick. We ordered the brunch special. The bread and jam were delicious! The cafe American (filtered coffee) was good too as Europeans like their espresso.  I tried to use as much French as I could remember (je voudrais…, petite dejeuner, etc.) and all was going swimmingly until the waiter asked “Fini?” I replied “Je suis fini.” He informed me this meant I was dead. Aaron and I had a lot of laughs about this. In case you are wondering J’ai fini is the correct way to say I have finished. Not I am finished. Duly noted, kind sir.

Right after Kim died.

After leaving the restaurant we went to the Versailles estate! It was a short walk in the misty weather, but no amount of rain was stopping us!  We started at the Petit Trianon and Grand Trianon and worked our way to the gardens in front of the Versailles Palace. Then nineteen year old Queen Marie Antoinette was given the Petit Trianon by twenty year old King Louis XVI.  She used it to escape the royal burdens of the court.  I could really empathize with Marie in dealing with the pesky general public (GP).  I also think she was a very resourceful broad by offering the peasants a simple solution to the shortage of bread in her famous line “Let them eat cake” (fact check- there is no evidence of her actually saying this).

Among the Trees

The gardens around were equally beautiful. We paid for a ticket to the real gardens with the water fountains. How incredible and well worth it too! The fountains are only on during certain hours of the day. The sun finally comes out as we are walking through the gardens up to the Versailles palace.

High Security

The Versailles palace is packed with visitors (ugh, GP). Many rooms were furnished elegantly. The Hall of Mirrors was amazing as well (I was a tad surprised they hadn’t cleaned the mirrors though)! This was the first of several adventures in former palaces in Paris. We left imagining what it would have been like growing up inside those walls or owning it in our twenties. After leaving the palace we sat back outside to watch the fountains and snack on our kind bars (super clutch, btw)!

Hall of Mirrors

We walked back to the hotel, relaxed a bit, and went to enjoy some Moroccan food! The sausage and couscous were delicious as was Aaron’s lamb. They served us mint tea at the end of dinner which was delicious, but tres chaud!

We got drinks back at the hotel and prepared for a full day in Paris the next day!!