Unexpected Beach Day

May 19, 2015

Aaron and I (but what else) slept in the next day.  We quickly grabbed the continental breakfast and headed for the beach straight away.  Soaking up sun was the second priority of our unexpected, I should say unplanned, beach day.  After lounging for several hours, we decided to go for a short run down the beach.  I was extremely excited as this was my first run since my pulled hamstring months ago!

Since we had organized a late checkout (SO WORTH IT), we managed to soak up a few more relaxing rays, then casually showered and packed for our journey back to Rome. We grabbed some sandwiches and headed out. Low and behold, our little Fiat actually did have AC, you just had to push the fan button in. WOW – another stupide american moment.

We took a different route back, which followed the coast rather than heading toward the major highway. It was pretty quick as all Italians drive aggressively fast, even on two lane roads.  Were were going 10-15 kmph over the limit and everyone was flying by us INCLUDING a cop!  We made it back in plenty of time to catch our 3 hour delayed EasyJet flight to Paris, but only after lots of fretting over our carry on items. Since we had heard how strict EasyJet can be with the number of carry-on items, we were frantically stuffing my purse into our overstuffed backpack only for the flight attendant to not even give us a second look. We guessed this might have been due to the long delay.


The delayed flight got us into Paris Orly just after midnight. As our flights back home were out of Charles de Gaulle, we had booked a hotel there. The large delay threw a wrench in our plan to take the inter-airport train to get over to CDG. So we grabbed a taxi, perhaps the wrong taxi, to drive us to the other side of Paris. Unfortunately, the express highway leading into CDG was under late-night construction, which completely threw the cab driver for loop and doubled the driving time of the trip. Completely exhausted, I’m not sure how we managed to check in successfully and find our room.