But first, let me take a selfie

May 16, 2015

We started our day by visiting the Roman Baths. It was fairly cheap to get in but we possibly should have paid for the headsets to educate us on the history of the place.


Most of it was gone/in ruins leaving your imagination to fill in the blanks. Since we figured we had a full day of other roman ruins, we quickly walked around. In awe of how large and technologically advanced it was (heated water, saunas, etc),  we left thinking we wanted to join the roman’s version of PLANET FITNESS.


We headed to the Colosseum and were even more awe struck by the monstrous line to enter the cruel and unusual punishment arena. We took pictures outside and decided (even though we had a ticket in) to skip it. Plus, the street vendors selling tourist crap were starting to swarm. I vowed to hit someone with their own product the next time they waved a selfie stick in my face as advertising (actually only vowing to Aaron).


We got in line for Palatine Hill to view some more ruins (you can see by this point how tired we were becoming of the touristy stuff). We walked around taking in the sites but decided we had had enough after a few pictures. We walk out (which takes quite a while) then realize we missed the Roman Forum. We got BACK in the same line and had, quite possibly, the stupidest conversation I’ve ever had. It went something like this:
Beep (scanner rejects already used ticket)
Lady- Ma’am have you already been in here before?
Me – Well we didn’t see the roman forum
Scans again – rejected
Lady- Ma’am have you been in here before?
Me- Yes but we didn’t get to see the roman forum.
Lady- I’m confused you were in here before?
Me- Yes…
Lady – You can’t come in again, your ticket is only valid once. This IS the Roman Forum.

We realized then that the roman forum was part of Palatine Hill. Stupide Americans! We probably should do more research next time….

On our way to lunch we walked by the beautiful Piazza Venezia building. Selfies ensued. We still know nothing about this building, but it is awesome!IMG_3761

We walked to our pre-picked lunch spot to find it was closed. Hunger was setting in so we picked a place across the street. It was not very good (think: heating up frozen pasta). Oh well, on to the Trevi Fountain! Luckily a friend of mine told me she had just been and it was still under construction in March so we googled and found it was still under construction. On to the Pantheon!!! Who says you can’t do Rome in a day if you don’t care about any of the historical ruins!


The Pantheon was super cool – I had to google why (because my college art history class was eight years ago). In case you’re wondering why the Pantheon is the coolest – go here.


After all the walking and sightseeing (some might say under appreciated with “deaf eyes”), we grabbed some much needed gelato and headed back to the hotel.

With Aaron’s nomophobia (no mobile) setting in, he made a quick (sarcasm) trip to the mall to fix his precious iPhone while I enjoyed some quiet downtime (with screams of “get your selfie stick” still echoing). By the time he got back we dined like Romans (dinner at 9 p.m.) at a hopping Chinese restaurant, but not really like Romans (as they don’t really care for Asian food).

We could say we were really hip and experienced the Roman club scene, but we had an early morning planned and went to bed like the old married couple we are.

*No street peddlers were hurt in the making of this post.