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Nein, nine!

May 14, 2015

Aaron somehow found the will and strength to wake up at 6 a.m. and go wash our clothes in the conveniently located wash room in the hostel.  He complained endlessly when he got back as I sleepy stretched. Something about everyone always washing their clothes around the clock…

We packed and headed out, stuffing our packs in the lockers downstairs. We wanted to go hike some more, but laziness set in. We ended up walking around Interlaken and enjoying the weather. Continue Reading…


Party for one, please

May 10, 2015

Our day began semi-early as we had to meet our tour group at the station at 9:30. We rushed over and got breakfast and just barely made it on time. Then we were told our trip was delayed one hour still due to the strike. So we sat and enjoyed our breakfast and coffee while people watching.

Our trip to Fussen was mostly uneventful but as we got closer the scenery became more beautiful with rolling fields of thousands of cheery daffodils and the alps in the background. We arrived mid-afternoon and I was quickly becoming hangry. We both enjoyed a brat and a beer – staples of German cuisine (and a favorite of my own).

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Run, Forrest, Run

May 8, 2015

Our day started out pretty early as we had to go back to Amsterdam central station to get to Munich. The trip began fine as our seats were in a first class cabin and we had it to ourselves. The problem occurred when we had to transfer trains earlier than anticipated due to the strike and had no assigned seat. It was pure chaos. We stood for a long time time and finally understood some German saying move to the front where there were plenty of open seats. However we were soon kicked out of those as people had reservations. We finally found some non reserved seats and sat by an older German lady. She was kind to us and offered a little giggle after I replied “Gesundheit” to her sneezing.

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Runaway Eyebrows

May 4, 2015

Our sleeping in on day two caught up with us as we snoozed our alarms for almost two hours. Since we were headed to Brussels that evening, we wished our palace days goodbye and headed to the Gare du Nord. After dropping our bags in a locker, we grabbed a sandwich and café to go to the Louvre.

Louvre Pyramid

We ate on a park bench looking out onto the famous Pyramid. As we walked in we stopped to take a few pictures in front, which apparently was the exclusive ground for a young Japanese lady in a silky purple evening dress taking what I assume to be senior class photos. We shrugged this narcissism off to proceed directly inside with our museum passes in hand.

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Two Flights, One Taxi, One Bus Ride and One Train Ride Later

May 2, 2015

I flew separately from Aaron and unfortunately landed on opposite sides of Paris city center.  Aaron actually arrived in Europe the night before on an early morning flight from London to Paris. The most logical meeting point was the famous Gare du Nord train station. Both extremely jet lagged but a little pep in our step as we are in Paris! After some struggles with our bank accounts to withdraw cash, we were able put our luggage in a locker to allow us to explore the city without checking into our hotel on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

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