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Unexpected Beach Day

May 19, 2015

Aaron and I (but what else) slept in the next day.  We quickly grabbed the continental breakfast and headed for the beach straight away.  Soaking up sun was the second priority of our unexpected, I should say unplanned, beach day.  After lounging for several hours, we decided to go for a short run down the beach.  I was extremely excited as this was my first run since my pulled hamstring months ago!

Since we had organized a late checkout (SO WORTH IT), we managed to soak up a few more relaxing rays, then casually showered and packed for our journey back to Rome. We grabbed some sandwiches and headed out. Low and behold, our little Fiat actually did have AC, you just had to push the fan button in. WOW – another stupide american moment. Continue Reading…


A Thousand Ways to be Killed by Romans

May 17, 2015

As we have discussed before, Kim was extremely focused on sleep throughout our trip with almost no exception. However the trip to Pompeii was that exception considering it was one of the main attractions on Kim’s list before the trip began. I did not share this enthusiasm and the 6am wake up call to hop on a tourist bus only increased this sentiment.


Given my state of mind for this two hour drive, I was in no mood to listen to tour guides ramble through a grainy bus speaker system. Especially when the tour guides began to go into painful (pun intended) detail of the different ways the Romans would kill their prisoners of war to make an example of them. Call me crazy, but hearing about crucifixions and impalement is not on my preferred wake-up story list.

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Strikes strike again

May 15, 2015

Our pizza and wine infused evening resulted in a later than anticipated start to our only day in Venice. Thankfully the gracious B&B owner left the the breakfast open for us. The fresh fruit and drip coffee perked us up just in time for us to wait in line at bag drop.

Knowing we were short on time but long on activities we maintained a positive attitude and started to multitask by picking up the Venice Museum Pass and getting more cash. Kim had been talking up riding on a vaporetti or a gondola, without really knowing the distinction. Unfortunately, the strike motif of the trip reared its ugly head as the vaporetti workers were striking for higher wages.

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