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Nazis and Naked Men

May 11, 2015

Due to our unfortunate train issues getting to Munich, we were forced to move our Dachau concentration camp tour from our first day to the final day of our stay in Munich. This type of tour is never going to be anything but very sobering and eye opening.

Having left our laundry with the service for two nights and needing to pack up our bags before heading to the tour, I left to pick up the clothes in a taxi as soon as the laundromat opened to retrieve them and then immediately pack them in a bag.

After a rather hectic start to the day, we had a calm train ride out to Dachau with a brief history lesson on the Nazi party’s beginnings and the path that led to the first concentration camp. The tour guide, an Australian living in Munich, seemed knowledgeable but we both grew tired of his attitude by the end of the three hour tour.

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