Nein, nine!

May 14, 2015

Aaron somehow found the will and strength to wake up at 6 a.m. and go wash our clothes in the conveniently located wash room in the hostel.  He complained endlessly when he got back as I sleepy stretched. Something about everyone always washing their clothes around the clock…

We packed and headed out, stuffing our packs in the lockers downstairs. We wanted to go hike some more, but laziness set in. We ended up walking around Interlaken and enjoying the weather.
Somewhere around lunchtime I became fast and furiously hungry. We decided on something quick – McDonald’s. Don’t judge. It definitely hit the spot and provided a little entertainment for the day. Aaron tried to order a nine piece chicken nugget meal. The lady rung it up as a six-piece meal and he said “No. Nine!” (Nein means no in German and sounds like nine.) To which the German speaking cashier became very confused wondering if Aaron wanted to eat at all. Aaron held up nine fingers and the issue was quickly resolved.

Afterward we watched all the paragliders land in the middle of the city and shortly headed to the train station to catch our train to Venice.

A quick hop, skip, and a jump and we were at the Venice train station. However we were not on the official island of Venice. Sad face. We searched for what seemed like forever for a ticketstand to buy a ticket to the island and still no luck. So we hopped aboard the train, no ticket in hand and became rebels. I must have looked more paranoid than the druggie next to us getting off that ten minute train ride (longest ride of my little rebel life). But at last we were on the floating city!


We easily found our B&B, checked in, and were ready for some tastes of Italy – pizza! Aaron and I already had a place mapped out and had little trouble finding it. The biggest trouble was passing up all the great smells on the way. Once we got there, we were situated on the dimly lit, romantic outdoor patio. We ordered a nice bottle of wine and took it all in. One thing I noticed was EVERYONE and I mean everyone had their own large sized pizza.  We took the hint and ordered our own pizza and we’re glad to have done so. The crust is super thin so you really don’t feel like the guy doing the super size me experiment.

Dark Canal Streets

Since Munich, Aaron had been laying down some serious smack talk on his navigation skills (and my lack of). So I may have mentioned that a true navigator could get us back to our hotel without google maps…in Venice.  Here’s where the fun set in because Aaron QUICKLY took the bait. Holding hands running down countless alleys that led straight into the canal we soon scrapped the time challenge. If only he could get us home, period. Well, let’s just say we’re glad we had international data.

Don’t ask Aaron about this endeavor, because he will assure you that I sabotaged his game. I can’t help he listens to misguided information!!!

We finally made it back to our hotel to catch some shut eye for our next full day of Venice.