Should have been a school teacher

May 13, 2015

Kim proved me wrong again in her ability to maximize her amount of sleep while still accomplishing all a day has to offer. Kim’s coworker had highly recommended an activity in Interlaken called canyoning while I wanted to hike some more as well. My fears of sleeping until 10 a.m. and still being able to do both were definitely unwarranted.

We booked our canyoning trip as soon as we woke up for the next time slot available, 1:30 p.m. This gave us enough time to grab some lunch. We walked around aimlessly for a time looking for Kim’s craving of brunch, on a Wednesday, at 11:00, in Interlaken. Yielding no great options, we wandered into a cafe named after the French capital but without the Parisian prices or ambiance. The food was fine but overpriced as with most restaurants in Interlaken.
On our way back, we stopped by a chocolate shop to treat ourselves and to make up for the missed opportunity the night before. These chocolates would come in very clutch later. We arranged for a pickup from our hostel to the canyoning tour’s office which was very unnecessary as it was a stones throw from our hostel. I could almost hear the driver thinking, lazy-ass Americans.

We changed into our wetsuits, not an easy task, since they are skin tight and I’m very clumsy. It was at this point Kim made the decision to ask for a size larger, which was a mistake as she found out later when it held in extra water. We got into the bus to head for the five minute drive to the canyon. I think it was on the 10 minute uphill walk next to a roaring mountain stream carrying our helmets, life preserver and jackets that Kim realized she may have bitten off more than she could chew on this canyoning thing.

Her fears were realized as we proceeded to repel, jump and slide down the canyon. She did amazing but told me afterwards that she was incredibly scared for most of the events. Of course, we purchased the video that the guide was filming on a GoPro so the world can relive these precious moments with Kim. This will mainly benefit her family, who enjoy watching Kim suffer.

We finished up the canyoning adventure about an hour earlier than the brochure had indicated. So we immediately headed to the train station to go further into the alps for a hike recommended by the hostel. We caught the cablecar up and received some great advice that we actually had a lot more time than anticipated. We began the walk along a gravel path, which was really more of a uphill walk than a hike. With our tough hike done yesterday, this was the perfect amount of effort.


The hike gives you a gorgeous view of the valley and all of the mountains as you walk along the road to Mürren. Kim enjoyed playing school teacher and pointing out all of the animals, mainly slugs, and plant life along the path. I was more in awe of the amazing waterfalls and cliffs going down to the valley. I was forced to point out at least one interesting plant or animal in typically middle school field trip fashion.


Arriving to Mürren, Kim and I immediately fell in love with the town. The quiet ski town in the summer was the place we thought Interlaken was going to be. We found a quiet, quaint restaurant for a nice dinner which was incredible and even had some carrot cake for dessert. We had sat down outside, initially without cover, but quickly noticed the storm brewing and moved under the patio. For good reason, as the storm produced some heavy rain and hail which we watched comfortably from our chairs. We both love the smell and sounds of the rain.


My instincts to catch trains started to flare up as I rushed us to the cable car ride down (much to Kim’s dismay and reminders of us having plenty of time). The ride was in two segments, the first was very cool along the cliff. I commented at the beginning of the second that it didn’t seem as interesting. Until the cable car went right off the cliff and gave us a clear view of a towering  500m waterfall right at dusk. We caught a bus then a train back to Interlaken.


Upon arrival back to our hostel, Kim thanked the workers for the recommendation. They responded with a pitiful “aww you did the baby hike” head tilt, which Kim quickly stated we did Harder Kulm the day before.  To which we received a genuine approval.

After watching the last 13 minutes of the champions league semifinal, I headed to the basement to try to wash a load of laundry to find a five person deep line. It looked like it was going to be an early morning for me.