Run, Forrest, Run

May 8, 2015

Our day started out pretty early as we had to go back to Amsterdam central station to get to Munich. The trip began fine as our seats were in a first class cabin and we had it to ourselves. The problem occurred when we had to transfer trains earlier than anticipated due to the strike and had no assigned seat. It was pure chaos. We stood for a long time time and finally understood some German saying move to the front where there were plenty of open seats. However we were soon kicked out of those as people had reservations. We finally found some non reserved seats and sat by an older German lady. She was kind to us and offered a little giggle after I replied “Gesundheit” to her sneezing.

The ride was picturesque going through old German towns which had typical Bavarian style houses. We also saw many fortresses along the way. I was initially bummed about missing our chance to experience an overnight train, but the scenery to Munich more than made up for it.  We finally switched trains again for the last time (which we had reserved seats) and headed to Munich.


The warm sun greeted us in Munich. After checking into the hotel, we immediately went for food and beer. In that order for me at least, probably switched for Aaron. We went to Weisses Brewhouse and were not disappointed by the experience. I had a beef schnitzel with potato salad and Aaron had pork loin with potato pancakes. Of course the meal would not be complete without the bread basket consisting only of pretzels! Yum!!!


Aaron had taken to documenting every beer he drinks by taking a picture. It’s been quite a few if you were wondering.

After stuffing ourselves on the hearty German food, we found the nearest Biergarten. I love beer gardens. Being outside, drinking beer, hanging with friends. So neat. The vibe was great as it was Friday night and many locals came out to enjoy the nice weather and delicious beer.

Where's Waldo - Can you find Kim?

After having a few and making various bets, I decided that I could get us home in a little more time than google maps suggests the walk should take if you take the most direct path.  The catch being finding your way home in a foreign city with no help from Google maps. Challenge accepted and off we went. The scene was in fact analogous to the scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest breaks free from his leg braces in a full run. My legs/back were suddenly healed (or maybe all the beer numbed them) and I was guiding us back smoothly without hesitation. Keep in mind we had just arrived to the city that I’ve never been to and it was getting dark. I never felt so alive, dodging pedestrians, barely making crosswalk green lights, I got us back to the hotel in 25:06. Just 6 seconds over the time I had been challenged. I did not win that day, but at least Aaron told me he was impressed by my sweet navigating skills (or something like that).

All tuckered out from my dead sprint home, I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Je suis fini.